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For Our Clients

You Need, We Create -

Our goal with every project is to listen to your needs and introduce you to things you would have never thought of on your own.


For Designers 

We provide a trade showroom and a collaborative space for independent interior designers to work, create, and share resources.


Clients + Desingers

In need of additional services?

Whether is it hanging art or installing window treatments, we can help! Check out what else Design House has to offer.

Specialized Education


Our designers are professionals with specialized knowledge applied to the planning and design of interior environments.


We pride ourselves with talented in-house designers with degrees from accredited colleges with education, knowledge, qualifications and training in design.

Tailored to Real Life


Design House keeps it real. We understand that budget, time, construction codes, and a family are all real-life challenges that can affect a project. Interior design at it's core is about creating solutions and that is what we do here at DH - we create solutions for all your real-life challenges while creating beautiful spaces. 

One of a Kind


Whether you need help with minor updating, a large-scale remodel or new construction, we'll help you achieve the look YOU want. We believe that your home should reflect your personality and style. That is why we spend the time to listen to your specific goals and ideas right from the start. We will help guide and educate you every step of the way until your vision is complete!



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